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Juomien Suomi

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Our role: UI and graphic design

Juomien Suomi is a web service based on a book by Juha-Pekka Jylhä, a well-known blogger in the growing circle of beer enthusiasts. While book is a travel guide to Finland’s microbreweries, vineyards and distilleries, the web service we built lets people find every one of those on an easy-to-use map.

Juomien Suomi

About Juomien Suomi

The Juomien Suomi web service shows all the book’s mouth-watering destinations on a map layout, making it easy to plan a day trip or a tasting tour of the country. It’s as simple as that! As avid readers of Jukka-Pekka Jylhä’s Olutkellari (Beer Cellar) blog, we were proud to launch the service with his blessing and co-operation.

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How we worked together

This labour of love was completed in a record-breaking time of less than 9 working days, from the initial idea to execution and launch. Amazing that it seems in hindsight, in those 9 days we managed everything from UI and graphic design to development, testing and publishing.

We launched Juomien Suomi in June 2016, but we’re constantly looking out to make it even better. We’ve given everyone in the company access to the source code, so when they get inspired they’re always free to put their ideas in action.

Juomien Suomi was done in cooperation with our friends in Karttakeskus.

Why we’re stoked about it

We’ve discovered that the most beautiful and useful services are often simple rather than complex. Juomien Suomi is a prime example of that. Everything doesn’t have to be time consuming, and we strongly believe you should never complicate things for the sake of it. Juomien Suomi is a great example of making traditional information come alive as a digital service.

The tech talk

Juomien Suomi is developed in Leaflet, CartoDB, jQuery, SystemJS, Node.js and Bootstrap.

Juomien Suomi

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