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Our role: Design & development - the usual hackathon stuff

We’re hugely into hackathons and regulars at both IndustryHacks and Slush Ultrahack - no surprise to anyone who knows us. Hackathons are a fantastic way to stretch our design and development muscles, while giving free reign to our most bizarre (and often awesome) ideas. But perhaps more than anything else, they are a legitimate opportunity to focus our brains, time and effort 100% on a single idea. These are some of our favourite hackathon projects so far.

Paccy - Winner of the eCommerce category in Slush Ultrahack 2015


About Paccy

Paccy was our entry to the Next Gen eCommerce category, which was mentored and judged by the Finnish post office, Posti. The challenge was to make the eCommerce experience smoother and more exciting for people. Our answer was Paccy, which aimed to fix the fragmented nature of today’s online purchasing.

How we worked together:

Today’s online shops offer beautifully branded, engaging and even emotional shopping experiences. But once you get to checkout and delivery, something happens. Suddenly you’re dealing with banking and shipping companies instead of the shop you just visited. The poor shop loses any control over the communication and the carefully crafted experience falls apart.

Paccy wanted to change all that. Our service prototype allowed people to create their own shopping profiles with their payment and shipping information, which they only had to input once to use all over the web.

Why we’re stoked about it

With Packy, everyone was a winner. Shopping became easier and more appealing to customers, and online shops could better manage their brand image. In fact, thanks to Paccy they could brand their delivery process by customising all images, status updates and texts. To us, there was also the added buzz of last minute changes - we actually pivoted the entire concept and its target audience overnight!

The tech talk:

We built the prototype of an iOS mobile application using React Native and Firebase as the backend for our dummy content.

– The solution that team #paccy provided was clear and simple with potential for easy implementation. They’d considered the value proposition to each involved player, too – the customer, the web shop and the logistics. What’s more, Paccy integrates easily to Posti’s technical environment.

Jaakko Kaidesoja, Posti’s Vice President of eCommerce

Logos - Honorable Mention in Gen Editors Lab Hackathon 2016

About Logos:

Logos was our response to Gen Editors Lab Hackathon’s theme, *How can we build better communities on news sites?* In more practical terms, their 2016 hackathon was about finding ways to get people to post more useful and less offensive online comments. Our Logos commenting platform for news and community sites made people think before they post by asking them a few simple questions.

How we worked together:

Instead of just offering people the usual blank comment box - often ideal for venting their anger and frustration, Logos made the process of leaving a comment a lot more thoughtful. Before anyone could post anything, they’d have to consider why they are writing their comment, whether they think their input adds value to the conversation, and whether they believe they’re doing something good. We ensured that answering was simple: all that was required was the tick of a multiple choice option and the typing of a quick comment.

Why we’re stoked about it:

While it’s always wonderful to succeed in a hackathon, we were particularly impressed with our team’s ability to complete the Logos project in a single weekend. Though we’d been given the brief to consider a couple of weeks earlier, we fixed the practical side of things in a sleep-deprived frenzy of 48 hours. Our team showcased their service design thinking yet again, with the psychology behind the idea calming down angry commenters and answering the needs of community moderators at the same time.

The tech talk:

We built the Logos prototype with basic web development technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


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