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Have you ever wondered who those mysterious people are who love their Mondays as much as their Sundays? We can reveal the answer, because those people work with us! We at Weave are exactly those people, and you’re welcome to join us.

We are constantly looking out for more developers, designers and other fascinating folk to join us working on seriously exciting projects. There are plenty of opportunities for trainees, students and freelancers, too, so please send your applications our way.

Right now, we are especially keen on finding fabulous front-end developers - if you’re one, get in touch today!

For developers

First and foremost, we don’t do code for code’s sake. Instead, we use our coding skills to make things that are genuinely useful to our customers. We solve problems with design in mind, with a chilled out yet 100% professional attitude. When we’re at a customer, they become part of Weave and we become part of them. In fact, it’s not about us and them, it’s about goals we strive for together. Though everyone loves to create wonders with their favourite languages, frameworks and tools, we put project needs before personal preferences and pick a top toolkit case by case. Whether you’re a seasoned developer pro or a talented newcomer, drop us a line if you’re ready to sign our values.

Send your application, cv, etc to and we'll talk more!

For designers

Here at Weave, great design comes with a human touch, combined with empathy and understanding about the world we live in. In each and every project, our designers make sure that the outcome, whatever it is, is both relevant and simple to use. Just as importantly, its value and purpose are crystal clear to the end users.

Whether your designer title begins with the word service, concept, UI, UX or visual, we’d love to work with you if you know your stuff and fit in with the rest of the our team. You don’t need to be a superstar, though together might become those, too. What matters most is that you share our inspired ideals about what makes a design fly.

Send your application, cv, etc to and we'll talk more!